I came from a small town but I really enjoyed the time I have spent in my childhood days. In my childhood days there was no mobile phones and we didn’t even have an internet connection at home which is a basic need in today’s life for all the people. Today i see how children are involved in these smartphones. The technology which made our lives simpler and helped us in many ways also ruined many lives of people. You will see more kids are now addicted to phones which results in less development of their brains, decreased eyesight, less focus and many other health problems. These things are happening because today these kids use smartphones for their fun and entertainment. Physical activity and outdoor games are not liked by kids these days.

When i was a kid there was no such technological development but I do have a computer at that time with latest games which I enjoyed playing but my parents never really offered me to sit for a long time playing games and neither was I interested playing games for such a long time. I enjoyed playing outside with my friends. I used to come at 2 pm from my school after having my lunch, sometimes I take a nap for some time otherwise my mother used to teach me at home. After studying it was time for going out to play with my friends. I really enjoyed this time with my friends, sometimes friends came to my place and we played games and sometimes,I went to their place to play. We played different games everyday but most of the time we played Cricket and Hide & Seek. Even after having games on our computers but still no one among us was addicted to that technology which was very popular at that time and not every household had that. We always tried to engage ourselves in some or the other outdoor games and activities.

Coming to today’s time I see every other child having a smartphone in their hands and playing games and watching videos on them. In the present time even parents are so addicted to their phones and a child will adopt all these qualities from their parents. It not their fault bascialy, parents need to take care of their kids and they are busy taking care of their image on social media. Insist kids to go out play games with your kids, involve them in some kind of sports or  physical activities, let them explore new things and develop their mind the right way. Playing games not only develops us physically but it also gives more clarity to our mental ability. Do not engage your kids on phone rather engage them outside your home, let them go out to make friends and learn something new everyday.

These are the things that I have noticed in my life and if I compare today’s kids with my time, I think my generation kids were much more healthy, active, disease free and smarter that today’s generation.

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