Unlike many people, I only get one day off from my work on sunday and usually I spend all my day at home. I have a six day working, 9 to 5 job and do not get much time for myself in the whole day. I eagerly wait for Saturday to come so that I can go home and do whatever I want to do without being tensed about the next morning. Sometimes I go out with my friends for hanging out in some new place but most of the time I spend my saturday evening watching movies. Yeah i know it sounds really boring but at least I have no tension of getting up early next morning, getting ready quickly and go to work. I really like how all my friends spend their weekends. Their weekend starts from friday evening and they have at least 2 days off from work. A balanced work and personal life. 

I get a small weekend as compared to all my friends but I still somehow manage my personal life as well. Saturday evening is for fun and the next day I do some household activities in the morning and after that I work  for myself. I made this blog website just because I like to write and talk and share my views with people from different origins. I am really interested in knowing how different people see different things. On my weekend i spend all my day doing this only writing and reaching out different people, replying to them and posting blogs on things that I notice in day to day life. This is a very good way to connect with people all around the world and learn something new from them. 

After working for the whole week, I enjoy this time when I am at home,doing the stuff that I like to do. For many people it may be boring thing especially for people who want to enjoy their weekend doing parties, going out for some short trips but I don’t enjoy doing these things. Yeah i like to party as well but I will not be able to enjoy that party when I know that I have to go to work the next day. 

After writing some blogs or talking to some people and replying to them when I get free from these things I start preparing myself for the next day at work. Like all other people I hate mondays too. I don’t even know how my only week off is coming to an end and I have to go for worn on the next day. After your week off generally no one likes to go to work on monday but nobody has got an option. You have to report for work the next day and wait for the next weekend to come soon. In my case I have  to wait a little longer that one day more at work makes it a very long period of wait. That’s how My life is right now but I am happy with it. Tell me how you all spend your weekends? What would you do for your perfect weekend.

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