Everyone’s life changes with a period of time, from being a child to a responsible adult family member. I really miss those days when there were no worries and no chaos in my life. Being a child is the best thing in the world, you don’t have to worry about anything let your parents take care of all your little things. Being a child i always wondered how exciting i would be to live an adult life and now that I have entered this stage in my life, I want to go back to my childhood days. How time has passed so quickly, I really don’t know but those days were the best time of my life.

When I was a baby I used to stay with my grandmother the most, she made the food for me, she used to feed me with her hands while I was watching my favourite cartoon on television. At that time my routine was like EAT-PLAY-SLEEP-REPEAT. But then I went to the school for the first time, a completely new place for me and I was crying whole day, I just wanted to go back home. After studying for 3 years in that school my parents changed my school and I moved to a much bigger school this time and I was again crying on my first day but after some days I started enjoying it because I made some friends, I studied for 7 years in that school, became the best runner for my school, played so many competitions, made so many friends for life, who are still my friends from past 15 years. Now we all are separated from each other, everyone moved to some new city for further studies, some starting working in a 9-5 job and also moved from that school after 7 years to a new city and went to a new school again. 

I came from a small town to a big city and I was not able to adjust properly in that environment, people made fun of my language, I was only in 7th grade when I shifted from my town to this city and because of this change, it was very difficult for me to concentrate on my studies. After 1 year in that city, I somehow got adjusted and again after 2 years in that school I moved to another School for higher studies and I stayed there for 4 years till I graduated from that school, this time, I was a grown teenager and I enjoyed my 4 years in this school. I made many friends and enjoyed being a sports person of my school. Being in sports will bring you fame, all your teachers know your name, other class students know you by your name , they envy your lifestyle, you can enjoy some special treatment from your sports teacher. This thing was a real fun for me when I was in school in my last years. After completing our school we all decide that we will meet every month and we even did this for some months but then everyone got busy in their lives and now in the present time we only meet on special occasions.

Now, I am also a 9-5 working guy who once thought that he would become a big sports player in his life. That’s how my life has changed so much now I work because you need money to survive and you have to earn it yourself for you no one is going to feed you with their hands now, you have to do everything by yourself. I always admired the life of working people but now when i am at the same stage, I feel being a child is the best thing ever happened.

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