Both Reddit and Quora are similar in many aspects but very different on some terms. Both the platforms are like forums where people come with their questions, get their answers, and communicate with people, through comments and posts. Both the platforms are a kind of social media platform where people come to get more visibility and attention while many come to resolve their issues with the answers to their problems.

Both Reddit and Quora are popular and used by people worldwide. However, some people prefer using Quora more while some like Reddit as it comes down to their personal preference but the main purpose of the forum is being served by both the platforms. You can upload text posts, images, infographics, videos and promotional links on both the sites and you can use both the platforms to market yourself, your channel, product, or services. 

However, being similar in many aspects does not mean that they both are the same. They both are separate platforms and apart from their interface, you may find many more differences.


Reddit is a web forum where you will find many different subreddit to follow and post anything that goes along with the guideline for that particular subreddit. There is no limit to following subreddits and you can post text, images, promotional links, and videos. Reddit has almost every niche that you may think of and billions of people use it every day to get information, solutions to their problems and to uplift their business through promotions on Reddit. Reddit is simple to use, you can follow the subreddit as per your preference and post under those subreddits, interact with people of your niche, comment on posts you like, and upvote what you love. While some people use organic ways to get attention but some people use non-organic ways like they buy or boost Reddit upvotes and buy comments or followers to get more attention. There are some other things like Reddit gold that provide a few extra benefits as you become a premium user. Reddit karma displays a score under your username that describes your engagement with the community. While using Reddit you may come across AMAs, which stands for asking me anything where you can ask anything and answer the questions of other users. As per sources say, 70 percent of the users here in Reddit are young and out of the whole community, 67 percent are men.


Quora has a more elegant and easy-to-use interface as compared to Reddit. The website is basically a social media platform where you can ask any question and answer questions of people from anywhere around the world. The website is controlled by the user as you can edit, upload, and share anything that you want. Quora is also used by marketers to promote their products, websites, stores, and brands. You can remain anonymous and create quora profiles in minutes. Quora is used as a research tool and people come here to search about different niches, topics, and many more things. Although Reddit boasts a high topic line but still marketing people use it for SEO purposes. In comparison to Reddit, Quora has fewer topics and less engagement of users. While Reddit allows you to take the benefits of premium membership, Quora comes with a standard writer tag. Reddit views your karma score while Quora uses content views to give you an idea about the popularity of the writer or user.

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