We all are dealing with an increase in the pollution level in your surroundings and I personally think we “Humans” are the major reason behind this pollution. We always play the blame game, we always try to prove yourself right and the other person wrong, this is a natural human nature. 

“Pollution” is increasing with everyday and it is affecting not only our lives but the life of animals, birds, trees and all other living creatures are at risk because of this and what are we doing for that? Well, I personally think we are not doing anything in this situation. Government made the rules and guided us how we can keep our city clean but only a few people are working on this. Others made an opinion that government has made out these rules and they are the one responsible for keeping the city clean and pollution free. This is the responsibility of every single person to keep his surroundings clean. The Government will not come to your house and clean it for you. If you always keep your house clean for you then why can’t you keep the city clean for yourself? Do not blame the government and other government bodies for pollution. You should do it yourself and encourage other people to do the same thing.

Life Expectancy of people has come down and this is happening because we are living in pollution, eating polluted and unhealthy food, inhaling bad air, living in a noisy society. Despite being more advanced than the villages, cities have a low life expectancy. Air pollution caused by factories and vehicles, noise pollution created by vehicles, clubs, sound systems, water polluted by big factories are some of the very common things in big cities. We are polluting the water and “groundwater” is depleting day by day. I don’t know how we are going to survive in the coming years.

We all know that “Trees” help in purifying the air, protects us from direct sunlight, helps in keeping the temperature down, brings more rainfall, holds water in the ground and how we are paying them back? We humans are cutting those trees to build our houses. I saw a person in my neighbourhood cutting down a tree which was there from past 20 years. I thought he must be cutting the overgrown branches so that it looks nice and beautiful but next day i saw tree was not there, I asked him what happened to the tree he told me that he is not getting enough space to park his bike so he has no other option but to cut the tree. I was really shocked after listenting to his stupid reason behind cutting the tree. With such kind of approach how you can contribute in keeping your city “clean and green”. For our personal needs we are even cutting the forests and making the wild animals homeless. 

Despite having a well grown brain we only use it for securing marks in our examination hall and that is it. Even animals are smarter than us, at least they know the importance of their surroundings, at least they are not ruining the beauty of our nature. I know many people must have thought of making a move and done something to stop all those things but we need many more people to think in the same way and make our surroundings clean, green and pollution free.

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