We all have admired some or the other superhero from our childhood days and even now many people likes superhero films and comics. I am one of those people who still loves superheroes and my favourite is “Iron Man”. He is the most loved superhero from Marvel universe. Before watching Iron man movie I was not a big fan of any superhero but when I saw “Tony Stark” on screen for the first time playing the role of Ironman, I became a huge fan of his character. His attitude, the way he talks, his sarcastic lines made this character much more entertaining and interesting for everyone.

This guy is not a “god” and not a “worthy” warrior like “Thor“, does not have the strength like “Captain America” and do not possess the power like “Hulk” but still he always upgraded himself with new Technology and Equipment. This guy always amazed me with something new in every new movie. He is just a normal human being with no superpowers but still he manages to win everyone’s heart with on screen presence. Character portrayed as a playboy, egoistic and sometimes a selfish man goes with his personality and I enjoy when he teases some one with his wicked sense of humour and sarcastic tone. He is a fictional character but sometimes i think what would be the scene if marvel universe was original and I can see the avengers in real life too. 

I know this sounds like a childish dream but I think many people must have thought the same thing like me. Just imagine this scene you are living in a “Marvel world”, there are “Avengers”, there is a “Stark Tower” and you can really apply as an intern in “Stark Industries“. When you imagine a fictional thing to be in the real world it sounds very interesting. I think all the fans must have imagined this thing once in their life. But sadly this is not real, there are no avengers in this world and this is not a marvel world.

I saw the last part Avengers: Endgame few months back and I was not able to get over that part for almost a week. This is the best superhero movie I have ever seen. I enjoyed the whole movie but for the best part was when Ironman took all the infinity stones from thanos and swapped his fingers saying “I AM IRONMAN”. This scene has separate fan base and after this scene there was a horrible silence in movie hall when everyone witnessed the end of “Ironman”. This scene made everyone emotional and sad at the end we saw everyone saying goodbye to Ironman. I realised how connected everyone to the character of Ironman that nobody even thought the Avengers saved everyone from thanos and his army. This was the most impactful and the most heartbreaking scene from the movie. 

Well nobody will see Tony Stark as Ironman onscreen, Marvel can make another character like Iron man but nobody can match the original Iron man. Like me you all must have a favourite superhero, from DC universe or it can be from Marvel Universe. Tell me below who is your favourite and why do you like him.

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